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Dinosaur For A Day (Buy Now On Amazon)

Read along as a kind boy gets his wish to become a dinosaur for the day and plays a spirited game of coconut soccer against a mighty T-Rex, constructs a muddy water slide with a mischievous velociraptor, and grooves to the beats of a stegosaurus's plates-turned-drums, and much more - all in the company of his newfound dino friends.

Perfect for Dinosaur fans ages 2-10. 

Mermaid For A Day (Buy Now On Amazon)

Ever wondered what you might do if you were a mermaid for a day? You'd play of course! After all mermaids love seaweed hide and seek, solving seashell puzzles, blowing giant underwater bubbles and adventuring in the most unexpected ways! 

Enjoy this playful rhyming book filled with the fun and silly ways that mermaids spend their days. 

Perfect for young mermaid fans ages 2-10. 

Dragon For A Day (Release Expected Spring of 2024)